Sell Your Products in Our Mall for Free


Where Will be Your Store or Mall Once You Get a Free Mall With Us?

After you get a mall, it will be one of the several stores in our main mall that is called MyShoppingPlace. Already hundreds of unique stores are established and doing great business here. You too can do it soon.

See our mall at MyShoppingPlace.

Why Are We Giving This Great Offer to Open Anyone Their Own Mall?

Because, we believe that there are many people in the world who have good produts to sell, but don't have enough knowledge or resources to have an online mall. We would like to sincerely help them get their own place on the internet business. Helping them grow in business also means our growth.

But How We Make Money?

Well, everyone has to survive. We have made a rule here for our survival. And that is we require the merchants to pay us 3.9% of their sales. But only after the sales are made. If no sales, then they will not pay us anything.

Do We Have Only Free Malls?

No, we have premium malls too. If you would like to establish a premium mall which needs a fee but offers much more benefits, you are welcome for this too. It is your choice which type of mall you set up. A free mall can be upgraded to a premium mall anytime.

You are Convinced. But How Could You Join Our Mall as a Free or Premium Merchant?

For an online sign up as a merchant, you should go to the seventhpower site. This page is created as an advertisement page for the seventhpower of which I am an affiliate.

You can investigate there in more detail (e.g. more benefits of a free mall, comparison of free and premium malls etc.) before sign up.
Click the banner below for details and free sign up.

If you want to discuss more with me on this offer, please write to me at .

Thank you for reading.

p.s.If you sign up from the banner link given just above, I will be your sponsor in seventhpower mall. I would be more than happy to assist you in whatever way I can.

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